1. Saint Lou Lou “Maybe You” (CFCF remix)
2. Holy Other “Tense Past”
3. Shadow Shadow “Riviera”
4. Chromatics “These Streets Will Never Be The Same” (Drumless/Full)
5. MS MR “Hurricane”
6. Horrid Red “Joy Inside”
7. Tranz-X “Living On Video”
8. Digits “Eight Long Years”
9. Ruby Ridge “Love Under Will”
10. Umberto “The Investigation”
11. Light Asylum “Angel Tongue”
12. Sam Rosenthal “Year 90-10”
13. Jessie Ware “Sweet Talk”

This is a companion of sorts to DRIVEwave, a mix inspired by the film DRIVE that I made some time ago. If you haven’t heard it yet or want to relive the halcyon days of 2011, you can find it HERE. THIEFwave is very much in the same vein, if perhaps a slightly more gloomy. Some old, some new, some artists you’ve heard of, some artists no one has ever heard of. All wrapped around a scene from the movie THIEF starring James Caan and Tuesday Weld. Listen/Pass along. Thanks.


Tracked, Caan-free .zip file

Full Mix

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